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About Us


The value of time, the success of perseverance, the pleasure of training, the dignity of simplicity, the worth of character, the power of kindness, the influence of example, the obligation of duty, the wisdom of economy, the virtue of patience, the improvement of talent, the joy of origination.


  • Think like a Champion & pursue greatness. 

  • Become a master of technique. 

  • Formulate necessary tactics.

  • Create an athletic body. 

  • Enhance your strengths & gifts.

  • Become a ferocious rugged and self contained competitor.

  • Pursue our outdoor activities with vitality as they enhance the mental aspect & superior endurance.

Corden Tennis Academy & Performance (CTAP) is a Private Tennis Club that operates mainly in  Asia. 

Membership is from  USD$125.00 to $10,000 renewable yearly, the costs of the coaching varies between country but is normally on a average USD$37- $100.00 an hour.

Furthermore CTA is also a team of dedicated tennis pros whose sole purpose is to inspire youngsters and adults to love tennis and excel at it. Our programs and classes seek to achieve these goals.  We achieve this by keeping our classes fun, energised and interactive while your children are still learning a lot furthermore to Inspire youngsters and adults to want to compete: we achieve this by setting achievable goals for each student, challenge them in practice and encourage them to enjoy competition inspiring kids and adults to excel in tennis: We achieve this by showing students how far their tennis potential can get them, challenge them, encourage them and nurture them on an off the tennis court.

CTAP is also Performance focused for elite players & athletes, using data analytics Tennis System called Armbeep and Redox Signaling Molecules to enhance performance & recovery. 

Furthermore extensive training focusing on stamina strength Suppleness & speeds and fidors the components of training frequency intensity duration overload specifity. 






We only hire the best coaches available, those who have experience playing and coaching students of different ages and levels, and who share the same passion for the game as we do.



CTAP has several Strategic Alliances & JV’s with Clubs & Academies to use their facilities in the Asia Region. CTAP is in the process of planning a base in Johor Malaysia the academy will be covered & have artificial grass & clay implemented as well as one outdoor hard court. alongside will be a data centre and wellness lab.





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