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Jul 29 , 2017

Our two kids have been in the program for years, and LOVE IT! The coaches are exceptional and have an incredible ability to adapt to each child's personality, level, and motivation. A couple of examples... our son Jack, in particular, has bonded with Lille and George who have the magic touch to cater his competitiveness and teach him the game. Our daughter Cali, loves Scott and his steady guidance. Regardless of the coach, each kid loves being there, and always looks forward to the next day on the court. Kudos to John Michael and Craig for running a stellar program -- couldn't recommend it more!!

-John Ward
Jun 16 , 2016

I'm so pleased with the progress that my daughters have made after being in the after school Grip'n Rip program for a year. The coaches love teaching and make every minute on the court count. I'm so excited that the afterschool program will continue over summer so they will continue to advance. My 8 year old wants to progress to a higher level and asked to work one on one with Coach Lille. As a parent, I'm over the moon that she's being inspired by positive coaches like Coach Lille.

-Kitty Kersenbrock
Jun 16 , 2016

My daughter's skills on the court have drastically improved! She loves going to tennis and wasn't so excited about it before Grip N' Rip. Great program. Great coaches!

-Jasmine M
Apr 21 , 2016

Grip N Rip Junior Tennis is the most organized , caring and fun program I've seen in years of playing tennis. The Director Craig Johnson truly cares about his students and that's the same attitude his entire staff displays each day on the court. I highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to fall in love with tennis.

-Fernande Kru
Apr 21 , 2016

Newport Beach Tennis Club Grip N' Rip Junior Tennis programs is BIG HIT with Newporters. Most Popular and Well Attended Recreational Tennis Camps in All of Orange County!

-The Newport News