Waivers & Disclaimers

  • When you register for our program, you agree to remove all liability for injuries sustained to you or your child(ren) during program hours from all Grip N' Rip Staff and the Newport Beach Tennis Club.
    Also by clicking this box, you authorize the use of photographs of your children taken by our coaches and staff photographer for use in marketing on our website as well as published advertisements.

Terms of use

  • Make-Ups and Rain outs: Yes make-ups are offered but our programs are typically full and due to our adherence to low student to instructor ratios, a make-up must be scheduled and approved by the Junior Director. In the event of a rain-out classes will be added on at the end of the session.


    Parents who cancel any proceeding month in which they paid WILL incur a 15% cancellation fee. (Example: If a parent enrolls their child in March and cancels in April or any succeeding month, they will receive a refund minus 15%).

    Cancellation made within the same month of the registration can receive a Full Refund minus the processing fee.

    Parents have the option of 1) keeping full credit toward next seasonal program or any future weeks in camp or 2) receiving a refund minus a 15% fee.

    Credits: We will only offer credits based on approval by Craig Johnson or John Michael. All credits must be used toward enrollment in the following session. Credits will not carry over after (Spring credits apply to summer, summer to fall, etc). Group Program credits may not be used toward private or semi-private lessons.

    Court Assignments: All juniors will be placed according to their assigned grip color and age. Our goal is to create groups of kids that can excel together. A junior will not be moved during any part of the training session unless authorized by Junior Director John Michael or Tennis Director Craig Johnson. However, juniors may be moved to an alternative court based on staff recommendations. All new kids to the Gripper Program will be placed according to circled color level on registration form. All new RIPPERS must be evaluated before placement into the program.
    Joining Part Way Into a Session, Moving Courts, and Drop-Ins: Kids are allowed to join at anytime during the session if space is available. The price will be prorated appropriately. Once placed into the appropriate group or program the kids will remain in the same group until the end of the session. Graduation from one level to the next will be decided by the staff and you and your child will be notified. Requirements to graduate are posted on the website and are updated as necessary. Drop-Ins are allowed but due to our popularity and low student to instructor ratio must be approved by Jr Director.