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!!!! SPRING DAYTONA GOLF CLUB REGISTRATION !!!! Apr 6th to Jun 7th (24 Sessions)

  • For all levels - Mondays & Thursdays 6:30 to 8:00 pm, and Sundays 12:00 to 2:00 pm

  • 24 sesson package $900

  • No class on Apr 11th, May 24th and May 25th

  • If you can't make all of the sessions, please contact Alex (Ph : 952-688-2945) for flexible options

  • Some of the early sessions will be held outdoors and if the weather permits we may do additional outdoor sessions, right near Daytona

  • At/near Daytona golf club, Dayton, MN

!!!! SPRING AFTER SCHOOL WAYZATA REGISTRATION !!!! Apr 7th to Jun 4th (18 Sessions)

  • 12 and under - Tuesdays & Trursdays 4:45 to 6:15 pm

  • 18 sesson package $425 or $28/drop in

  • Wayzata Central Middle School, Wayzata, MN

!!!! WINTER INDOOR REGISTRATION !!!! Jan 4th to Mar 22nd (12 weeks)

  • Saturday advanced and intermediate 3:30 to 5:30 pm & beginners 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

  • Sunday beginners 10am to noon, intermediate & advanced noon to 2 pm

  • 12 weekend package one day $600 both days $1000 for  intermediate & advanced and one day $504 both days $912 for beginners 

  • Makeup Weekends in case we have snow days are March 28th/29th and April 4th/5th.

  • At Daytona golf club, Dayton, MN

!!!! SPRING OUTDOOR REGISTRATION !!!! April 18th to May10th(4weeks)

  • Spring is a rainy time. Further weekends before summer will be used to makeup sessions missed

  • No class Easter Weekend and Memorial Day Weekend

  • Wayzata - High Performance and Intermediates/ 13 and over/(Wayzata Central Middle School/ Saturday and Sunday1130am to 430pm)

  • $350 all 8 sessions/$200 Saturdays or Sundays/$60 drop in

  • Wayzata- Beginners and Advanced Beginners/ 12 and under/(Wayzata Central Middle School Saturdays and Sundays 445pm to 715pm)

  • $225 all 8 sessions/$125 Saturdays or Sundays/$35 drop in

  • Footwork Drills and Adult Drills will be on a week by weeks basis during the Spring

!!!! SUMMER REGISTRATION !!!! June 15th to Sept 4th (12 weeks)

  • Wayzata - High Performance and Intermediates/ 13 and over/(Wayzata Central Middle School/Monday through Friday1130am to 430pm)

  •  $2100 all summer/$1350 6 weeks/$1000 4 weeks/$275 one week/$60 drop in

  • Wayzata - Beginners and Advanced Beginners/ 12 and under/(Wayzata Central Middle School Monday through Sunday 445pm to 715pm)

  • Pick 4 days/Use any other days for makeup/Special packages of more or less than 4 can be negotiated with Alex Krol directly.

  • $1375 all summer/$760 6 weeks/$550 4 weeks/$150 one week/$40 drop in

  • Shoreview/North Oaks Beginners and Intermediate(Chipewa Middle School Monday through Thursday 830am to 1030am/Friday rain makeup day same hours)

  • $1250 all summer/$675 6 weeks/$475 4 weeks/$125 one week/$37.50 drop in

  • Wayzata Central Middle School footwork drills Saturdays 3pm-430pm, Sundays 3pm-430pm in case it rains

  • $200 all summer/$20 drop in

  • Wayzata Central Middle School Adult Drills Mondays through Thursday 545pm to 715pm

  • Different days different levels/beginner, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0/ exact schedule TBA

  • $200 all summer/$20 drop in

  • There are no makeup days for high performance summer. The price of the whole summer package reflects this. We will attempt to do conditioning if the rain is not too heavy.



  • Private lessons outdoors, $70 or $600 for 10. Private lessons indoors, $80 or $700 for 10.


Inquire with Alex about specifics 952-688-2945






Match Play And Connecting Junior And Adult Players(Save Yourself Lots Of Money With Our Program)- I know you hear again and again everywhere that kids need more match play. Often you spot that kid who can strike the ball great but then falls apart in a match. We do match play everyday! But beyond that, we offer this fresh, yet time tested program of connecting high level playing juniors with high level local adult players that want to give back to tennis. As a usta player, I am in contact with hundreds of some of the best adult players in the twin cities, with lots of different styles, that love to give back to the game. Once your kid reaches a certain level of performance, let's say a utr of 7 or so, I will help connect your kid to an adult player that is slightly better than your junior player, that will happily play matches with your kid for free! Playing better people makes you better. But with this format, your kid still has a chance to win. The adult player will get a good hit around, and your kid will get valuable match play against an opponent with a style they may have not been exposed to, but one that may become more relevant in the future. This will save you lots of money because you don't have to pay $100 per hour to have your child play sets against a teaching pro with the same level of play as these adult players.

WE TEACH DURING CAMP!- I've coached at other facilities before starting my camp. I've literally been told to not give very specific coaching during camp so that the students would buy private lessons at ridiculous rates to learn some of the finer points. We don't do that at my camps. We are proactive, teaching everything we know and not holding back, stopping play and analyzing everything from technique to strategy all of the time. There is enough tennis to learn that warrants taking private lessons anyhow. Coaches talk to each other and are aware what each student is lacking. This information can mold the scope of a private lesson to come.

Progress Reports- Not only do our coaches talk to each other to identify what each student needs to work on, but we try our best to also communicate these things to the parent on a weekly basis, give or take.

Every decade or so, there is a sea change in tennis. Somehow the sport has gotten very flat at the junior level, meaning a decrease in topspin. Sometimes more flat, down on the ball if you will, shots are warranted when the ball is high. However, I see kids in the developmental stages hitting low balls flat, as if they don't know what topspin is. No one has taught these kids topspin, and they can't figure out why their balls are going into the net or long. I try to promote more topspin than other coaches, brushing up on the ball and when warranted, hitting down on the ball as well. Hence the slogan, "Bringing topspin back to the game." Many of my players hit really hard flat balls as their main shot. But I also coach a lot of players who play a spin game, sort of like how Nadal used to play when he began. I let my players develop their own path.

Also, on a totally separate note, I believe drop shots should be more widely used at the junior level. Expose the weakness when it's there. A good general lesson.

Finally, today's juniors do not hit enough overheads when they practice. Some of the better junior players on varsity teams around the state hit really substandard overheads. We try to practice overheads every day of camp.


Minnesota Tennis Camps was created in order to bring the same type of instruction you would get at your local tennis or fitness club and make it affordable. We can do this by renting public courts that are much cheaper by the hour than indoor courts.


Have you had an experience where you put your kid into a group lesson or even a private lesson expecting instruction only to find your kid doing stupid games that have nothing to do with tennis? This is why I founded the Tennis Academy of Minnesota. Our academy offers rigorous training for kids of all ages and abilities. During the outdoor season, for my high performance students, I run a very ambitious 5 hour program with a half hour to 45 minute break in the middle. We don't do more than 4 kids per court in order to be able to do all the drills necessary in developing a tennis player. We do groundstrokes for an hour and a half, both cross courts and down the line. We do volleys for about 40 minutes and overheads for 20 minutes. Find a camp that does any volleys for that long and overheads at all! Junior players are just not as good at the net as they used to be. And there is a reason! We do serve and serve returns for 40 minutes! These are the two most important shots in tennis and widely forgotten in practice sessions. We will also pick a  shot of the day to work on for 20 minutes. It could be serve and volley practice, slices or drop shots, etc. Finally we do a whole hour of match play. Kids need more match play! For non-high performance kids that are in the academy, all of this is compressed into a shorter program, 2 to 2.5 hours each day. During the indoor season, we compress this 5 hours into an intense 2 hour drill, for all levels. The kids who are in the Tennis Academy of Minnesota at the older ages are mostly all tournament players and play at the top or near the top of their varsity high school teams. At the Tennis Academy of Minnesota, we also focus on things like advanced footwork drills, speed drills, etc. to build the full athlete. We also really focus on building a consciousness for the need to stretch and partake in weight conditioning as a daily ritual, to avoid injuries.


Suppose you just want your kid to experience tennis for the first time and not go so hardcore? Maybe learn a few pointers but see if they like the sport before getting rigorous? That's why I created the "fun in the sun" package. Your kids will be briefly shown how to hit the basic shots of tennis while experiencing fun games related to the sport in a great atmosphere.




We only hire the best coaches available. Those who have experience playing and coaching students of different ages and levels, and who share the same passion for the game as we do.













This year I will be offering an option of weekend and weekday evening junior tennis during the summer. Also after school tennis will be offered during the spring and fall. These are not peak times for junior tennis, but I believe there is enough of a demand for these hours to start a program.

ADULT TENNIS - Starting in April 2019

This will be the first year I am offering adult tennis. I know a hand full of players in the twin cities that started playing after college and were self taught, like me, that became 4.5 to 5.0+ players within like 6 years. I don't believe putting an adult player that just began into a box. The sky is the limit if you chose to shoot for it. We are going to be offering drills on separate days for advanced, intermediates and beginners. My hope then is to start USTA teams out of the adult players we have at camp and compete against other USTA teams of the same level officially. How fun is that! And if you want, you can pay one of our coaches to come watch your match to see what you need to work on! All of this in a fun social atmoshpere.

FAMILY TENNIS/TENNIS NO LIFE CAMP - Starting in the Fall of 2019

This year I am going to start an experimental program where whole families take tennis together. One drawback when you're playing tennis is that you're often missing out on family life. If you're a junior, you're missing time with your parents or brother/sister. If you're an adult, you're missing out on time with your kids or spouse. Playing tennis together as a family allows you to play the sport you love as a family unit on weekends! All of this in a fun social atmoshpere!

TENNIS FOR FITNESS - Starting in the Fall of 2019

Some people just want to use tennis as a means of getting into shape. Nothing wrong with that! Our "tennis for fitness" program allows you to get into shape doing heart pumping tennis drills and learning somewhat how to hit balls as well. All of this in a fun social atmosphere!

SENIOR TENNIS - Starting in the Fall of 2019

Tennis can be enjoyed at all stages of performance and age. So we offer our Senior Tennis Camps. The focus will be on doubles tactics rather than on technique, all provided in a fun social setting.

PICKLEBALL CAMP - Starting in the Fall of 2019

Pickleball is taking off and we want to be a part of it! This sport is also a great way to perfect doubles strategy in tennis! Our pickleball camp will take your pickleball skills to the next level, while at the same time allowing you to meet other pickleball enthusiasts around the twin cities, all in a fun social setting.

FOOTWORK DRILLS - Starting in the Spring of 2019

Footwork is a huge, but often neglected part of tennis. We are offering a new, semi-revolutionary camp, where all we do is footwork drills for an hour and a half! Raise your or your kids game to the next level by helping you or your kid move faster, more efficiently around the court!


We offer private lessons to juniors and adults. We will give you a world class lesson near a park of your chosing outdoors for $75 per hour straight up. Now that's a good deal!




Our courts are state of art. They are well maintained and help improve your tennis experience. 


We are at Daytona Country Club in Dayton, MN. About 15 minutes NW of Maple Grove. It is a little ways away, but court time is hard to come by and not cheap in the main twin cities area.


  • St. Louis Park - High Performance and Beginners/Intermediates

  • Wayzata - Beginners/Intermediates

  • Shoreview/North Oaks -Beginners/Intermediates


Minnesota Tennis Camps always attempts to provide the safest possible environment for kids and adults to play in. However, there are always things beyond our control. In the final analysis, the well being of a child is ultimately the responsibility of the parent. And the well being of an adult is the responsibility of that adult. By checking this waiver I understand that Minnesota Tennis Camps is not responsible or liable for any incident resulting in injury, mental or physical, occurring at Minnesota Tennis Camp.

Minnesota tennis camps does not refund money two months before a program is to begin or after.


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We hope to fix the issues at the earliest and request you to contact support by writing to us at with any questions or comments about the lingering issues.