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  • For Technical Difficulties, please email Indicate which club you are trying to register for and explain your challenges.Please send screenshots if possible. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.Thank you

TMT Parents and Students FAQ

When I try to register, why does it say that my user email is not available?

You might have already been added as a user for this club. Please click on “Log in” and then on “Forgot your Password” to retrieve password.

Why Can’t I redeem multiple discounts?

Sorry, you can only redeem one discount at a time. Choose the best one for you!

How do I...?

Add a sibling to my account?

Two ways to achieve that:

Option 1: after you add the class, simply click on “ Add Student” and fill in the information.

Option 2: Click on “My Account” then on “Manage Account and then” on “Add New Student”

Remove a student from a class?

Please contact your club admin and they can do that for you.

Add another class to my cart?

Simply return to class and check the class you want or checkmark as many classes as you want at once before proceeding to the checkout page.

Redeem a credit that I have with the club?

Register for the class and elect to pay via Check, Cash or Account (if you are a member). In the notes, please mention that you would like to use the credit you have to pay for some or the entire class/lesson fee. Your club admin will complete the transaction on their end once the payment is received.

Get a refund ?

Please contact your club admin and they can process the refund for you.

Switch days after I registered?

Please contact your club admin and they can process the change for you. Your registration history will be updated after the switch has been made.

Register myself for a lesson?

To register yourself for classes/ lessons, first add yourself as a student under your account, then proceed with the registration.

View my registration/payment history?

Simply click on “ My Account” and then on registered classes or booked lesson.

Edit my contact or personal information?

Simply click on “My Account” and then on “Manage Account.”

Edit my email information?

We are sorry, at this time you cannot change your email account and still maintain your existing records. We are working on this feature and will update it soon. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience as we update this.